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The basics:

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Founding the Rainbow Foundry
Fighting fascism by building a better world
The primary purpose of the Rainbow Foundry is to serve as a sanctuary for the oppressed in the face of rising neofascist sentiment. The Foundry will provide residents with food, shelter, and opportunities for meaningful work. It will also sequester funds to help provide for founding more Rainbow Foundries elsewhere. Its secondary purpose is to serve as the prototype of a new vision of community enabled, urban futurism. The Foundry is conceived as a self-contained, resident-owned neighborhood in a minimal geographic footprint.
The fully developed Rainbow Foundry will contain living space for individuals and variously-sized group households. The precise number will depend on funding, and may be expanded later. The plan laid out below is for approximately 100 residents. The Foundry is intended to be retrofitted into an existing building, for several reasons. First off is time and cost. It's faster and cheaper to refit than build new, and time is of the essence. Secondly, most cities are rife with abandoned or unused buildings, and something should be done with those.
Each household (of however many residents) will have a private unit, with sanitary facilities, sleeping quarters (how many to be determined by the household) and the capacity for at least basic food storage and preparation.
In addition, the Foundry will have a number of communal amenities available for residents. Prepared food will be available in an open refectory, and delivered to individual units at need. Residents will also be able to request groceries through the refectory’s bulk ordering system, and there will be a small general store attached where residents can get groceries and necessities. There will be childcare facilities, staffed by fellow residents, as well as a small clinic staffed by a Nurse Practitioner(s) to assist residents with day to day medical issues.
The Rainbow Foundry will be self-supporting, via resident operated enterprises of various sorts. The Foundry will hold a machine shop and fabber bay, with associated carpentry shop, manufacturing custom parts for bicycles and other vehicles, furniture, and assorted household goods. There will also be a textile workroom, equipped for spinning, weaving, knitting, and sewing. This lets the foundry make clothing, linens, towels, and soft goods. Rounding out basic manufacturing capacity will be aeroponic farm pods, where as much as possible of the Foundry’s food will be grown.
Automation is the future, and the Foundry will take the greatest possible advantage from it. The manufacturing areas will be equipped with as many labour multipliers as possible. The Foundry will have a robotics lab to look into new and improved labour multipliers.
Those products in excess of the needs of residents will be sold on the internet and in an on-site shop. The Foundry will also include a public house separate from the refectory. This may expand into a microbrewery and/or coffee roaster.
The Foundry will be designed with energy efficiency in mind to the greatest extent the structure will allow. There will be ground-source heating, solar water heaters, and wind and/or solar electric installations. The Foundry’s sewage will be fed through an anaerobic digester to provide fertilizer and fuel.
While it will be incorporated for legal reasons, each resident will own one, and only one, equal share of the foundry. These shares are not transferable to anyone in any way. Each share carries with it one equal vote in the Foundry’s doings. Smaller groups (e.g., Metal Manufacturing, Bar Staff, Physical Plant etc. will be mostly autonomous, with the members of the group setting their own internal practices, subject to the Foundry bylaws (forthcoming). In the event of multiple linked Foundries, each share will carry one vote in the Foundry of residence, and one in the Foundry Association separately.
Every resident is entitled to food, shelter, health care, and maintenance (clothing, sanitary necessities, caretaking, and such amenities as may be present) to the extent that the Foundry can provide it. The Foundry will also, resources permitting, materially support residents’ various endeavours. Should the Foundry’s monetary income exceed its needs, the excess will go to a fund to enable others to start Foundries of their own.

Why a pub?
Because everyone’s values for meaningful work are different. For some, that means making food, tending bar, or pulling espresso. The locales will also be a place to display residents’ artwork, and a place for musically inclined residents to perform.

How will the Foundry be run?
Day to day tasks will have a resident employed to handle them. Policy and major decisions will be made by a council of residents via an internal message board.
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